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Veggie Decor

Veggie Shower 1

With all the “food to table” farms around the country, vegetables are such an awesome product to design with.  I happen to live around fields and fields of all types of vegetables, so coming up with a source for a project was a no brainer.    You can easily get what you need from your local Farmer’s Market or grocery store, but having super fresh product was important for this event. Continue reading Veggie Decor

Melaleuca Bark For Incredible Creating

With my motto “Nature provides, we accept!” my harvesting continues with one of my faves, bark from the ever-generous melaleuca tree.   With different varieties around the planet,  I’m fortunate that many grow right in my area of California.

This tree has incredible benefits for our physical health  (the Melaleuca line of products has amazing healing powers) but my love is using this wonder different ways in my designs. Continue reading Melaleuca Bark For Incredible Creating

A DIY Wedding Arch Creation

Independence is something I cherish in our world, the ability to create with our own resources gathered from local stores like Home Depot, allowing to act on our design impulses without waiting for shipments.   Their availability of goods enhances our skills beyond what we think we can do proving how resourceful we can be with our thoughts and our awesome hands.  Happy creators make for happy clients!Wedding ARCH (6)

Continue reading A DIY Wedding Arch Creation

A Little Slice of Bamboo

Fresh Design, birds, angled cut in half bambbo

With day in and day out floral work,  you might not realize the impact you have on the world.  Creating floral gifts does make a difference in someone’s life, the “shock and awe” that someone thought so much of the recipient to send them flowers.  It’s your honor to go the extra mile with your talent.  Taking the time to saw, cut, and re work items to enhance the design gives them so much more to elevate their soul. Continue reading A Little Slice of Bamboo

Flower Walls Are Sweet!

Flower Board Complete

Flower Walls are beautiful backdrops for any event, especially creating for occasions which require a setting that can be moved around to different locations.  This design I helped create with my friend Beth O’Reilly for our local AIFD Southwest Region wedding seminar held in Southern California.  Beth purchased a “rolling” clothing stand on wheels from Ikea, then constructed (this girl is great with tools!) the frame that can easily be removed in pieces. Continue reading Flower Walls Are Sweet!

Elegant Calla Lily Bride’s Bouquet

Beautiful mini callas with glam and glitz
Beautiful mini callas with glam and glitz

Calla lilies are a designer’s dream:  long lasting,  shapely, grown in multiple shades of desired colors, and small or large enough to use everywhere for an event.  With texture and shimmery touches,  designing this bouquet of miniature white calla lily is a project your artistic nature will love, a bouquet that is lightweight and so easy for your bride to carry around. Continue reading Elegant Calla Lily Bride’s Bouquet

Grand Rose Arrangement

DSC_0044 (6)

Making a statement with your rose designs really captures an audience.   We all love to see showy arrangements, and they are totally exciting to construct.  This creation uses two dozen “Goldstrike” roses from my local grower Eufloria Roses, who grows the most beautiful California roses.  They’re only available through wholesalers, but you can get great long stem roses at Albertson’s, Von’s markets or another outlet that you have locally and still create beautifully.   All the other greens and product are from my love of harvesting:  birch logs, Australian Flax, nandina (heavenly bamboo), podocarpis, sea foam statice, blade grass (loriope), fox tail fern, variegated pittisporum. Continue reading Grand Rose Arrangement

Floral Centerpiece Mojo

Centerpiece arrangements can be a bit confusing when you’re first learning floral design, even after you have some experience under your belt.  Just remember to keep practicing, listening, and learning;  then it will all come together and you’ll be an expert at centerpiece construction.   There are so many occasions where these are needed and asked for.  So, proper construction is the name of this game and  I’m here to nudge that along in a way that is educational and rewarding.

This design is free flowing and easy to assemble once you understand the “why” and “how”.   It’s the perfect flower arrangement for bride’s tables, dinner parties, sideboards, just about anywhere a centerpiece is needed.  You can scale it down or make the design much larger.  Always remember that you’re the captain of the ship that takes direction from YOU.   What I love about this sharing is that once you learn these design techniques, adjustments can be made for whatever occasion or area you need the arrangement for.  Let’s get to work! Continue reading Floral Centerpiece Mojo

Wedding: Organic Bouquet



Natural bouquets with depth and interest is the goal for many of our brides.  Adding different elements with lots of texture keeps the eye stimulated…..something I gravitate to every time!   If you use the right mixture of flowers, greens, filler, and man made materials you’ll end up with a creation that’s interesting and totally fun.  Lots of harvested material used in these bouquets with covered natural wire from my local Michael’s store.  Enjoy this small journey and let me know your thoughts, or if you have any questions, please ask away!

Le Bouquet Que Dangles

Cascading bouquets are quite the bomb for our brides.   Seems like styles in every segment of the design world come back around which is pretty exciting, especially for florists.  Changing things up gives us a chance to show what we can do for our prospective brides.

Cascading bouquets can be a bit tricky to design, but never fear, I am here!   While the featured  bouquet isn’t a full on cascade, the dangling elements give it a nice flow.  Here’s the skinny on creating this beauty:    210_garcia (2)

 Using curly willow as the base, I began at the handle area and brought it up and around a few times.  This started the formation of the handle and shape of the bouquet.  This willow was cut from my favorite local tree….yah baby!

  1. Gently inserting the mixed greens (Italian Ruscus and seeded eucalyptus) was next, snuggling them with the the flower choices of orange lilies, orange incurve protea and deep red roses.  This product, except for the protea which my lovely neighbor allowed me to harvest, came from my local grower Skyline Growers.  They have awesome product and also sell retail.   Once this base was complete I could add streams of the green amaranthus for the length and “dangling”.  The stripped stems of seeded eucalyptus added to the cascading feature of the bouquet.    Tying the handle with natural fabric covered wire finished off the total look.209_garcia
What gives this bouquet the look is the looped curly willow and the hanging amaranthus.  Simple enough yet effective in its overall appearance to keep your bride smiling.  Change it up with glitz wire (I used a bit I had literally hanging around) instead of willow, dangle other items like miniature calla lily tied on to wire and cascading down.  Another case where the base is there and just up to you to decide how to please your bride with another one of your beautiful creations.  The floral world is yours for the asking… go create!
 210_garcia (2)