Those Logs Are Calling…..

I’m crazy for using logs in flower arrangements.  They beg to be used in designs with beauty for years to come. These nature’s gifts create a focal area to work from, something to start your design with, then continue from that point on. 

One thing to realize is that using a cheap container will continually net you more profit with your arrangements.  It’s up to our hands and brains to create the visual value.  That’s why I use these plastic Dollar Tree containers all the time.  Quick, easy and CHEAP!  Now here’s  the step-by-step instructions:

1.  Fill the container with a block of fresh floral foam, adding some extra pieces you have laying around to the edges (always save your pieces of extra foam for times like this).  Then tape SECURELY into place, making sure the tape sticks to the side of the container.  You’ll need to adjust the amount of fresh floral foam you use to the size of the container… worries, I’ll keep explaining this with different arrangements.

2.  The log you’ve gathered needs to be clean (unless there is some cool moss that Ms. Nature added).  Decide where the log should be placed.  Then drill holes (about a quarter inch to half inch is fine) so you can glue sticks (or wood picks)  into the unit which will go into the foam all the way.  Adjust the size of the sticks/picks to your log size and the depth you need into the floral foam.  The log needs to be really secure, so make sure this is done correctly.  Use pan glue or your glue gun to keep them in place (in the log as well as into the foam).

Horizontal Branch full image3.  Now water the foam in well.  The reason we add the water after is so the sticks or picks you’ve used will glue into the foam when it’s dry.  Water doesn’t allow glues to hold very well, that’s for darn sure!

arrangement with horizontal branch 2

4.  Placing the flowers in strategic locations begins to give the design the form.  I do embrace a garden look design;  they’re natural looking creations that everyone loves.  And so easy to arrange!  I’ve got the yellow roses clustered for the true focal point, then the alstroemeria lilies rise to the right, while the safari sunset leucadendron flow up and to the left.  The leucadendron last forever and were cut from a friends yard, along with the rubber tree leaves.  Roses and lilies came from Trader Joe’s.  See how the arrangement is beginning to take shape?  As I will always point out, make sure and insert your stems as far into the foam so they can absorb water really well.

5.  The Japanese Iris foliage (the tall greens in the middle) lends the vertical lines that give the arrangement a contemporary look.  It also takes your eye to a comfortable, central part of the design, very important for the floral view.  Clusters of sea foam statice, eucalyptus, podocarpis foliage (all harvested from my travels), roses, leucadendron, and a couple of pink Asiatic lily stems finish the design with some great color touches.  Adding the Kermit Mums (those greens spots on the log) with glue gives a unique flair to the design in no time at all.  Cut the mums off the flower stem right at the point where it meets the bloom, then add touches of glue to attach the bloom to the log and you’ve got great added texture to the log.

Horizontal Branch 3This arrangement becomes an art piece on its own…..and all we started with was a log and a cheap container!  This lets you know that your hands and brain are what truly make floral creations become what they are.  Now go create with amazing wonder, adding beauty to our world……

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