Your Tools For Floral Success

The saying “the right tool for the right job” is so true!  There is no question that it’s a must to have the correct tools to create flower arrangements and all types of designs. You don’t have to spend a fortune to have quality tools, just the knowledge of how to use them properly for different design elements.

I’m a simple guy who likes to have just a few handy tools to get the job done. At the top of my list is a quality, long lasting knife, sharp and safe to use.   florist knife

The knife pictured is from the Swiss army family and always gets the job done.  It will last you for years, especially if you get a sharpening stone to maintain it’s cutting ability.  Be careful though; in the beginning (and this happens to everyone) you’ll cut your thumb on the hand you’re holding the knife with, not huge cuts, but little slices that you’ll notice.  Once you get the hang of it, you’ll cut your stems properly with no injuries! There are many other knives on the market that will work;  this one just feels and works the best for me.

Wire cutters/shears  are next in importance.  This tool has such value to me,  cutting stems, wire, flowers, even ribbon…..almost anything you can think of. Very sturdy and with a little oil and sharpening, this tool will take of your needs for a lifetime.Florist clippers

It’s made of high quality metals and fits just right in your hand.  Once you master how to use the shears, you’ll be amazed what a great addition these new friends are to your tool box.

Snub nosed wire cutters  are another tool that’s nice to have.  These help so much when you have to cut thicker wire. Sometimes I’ll try to cut wire with my shears then realize I need to use the wire cutters…..duh!  You’ll get the idea about which one to use in other posts I’ll be writing.  I’ve bought these at the Dollar Tree, but you need to spend a little more at your hardware store or craft store.   Wire cutters can be a bit awkward to handle in the beginning, but you’ll get the hang of it very soon.

wire cutters larger

Ribbon scissors are a must as well.  Cutting ribbon with no fraying is a blessing and can make the difference in a  quality looking arrangement.  One thing to remember:  always keep this tool for cutting ribbon or fabric.  No worries though;  they can be sharpened like your other tools.  An expensive pair is nice to have, but I’ve had luck with cheaper brands as well.


Clippers finish off my “must have” tool list.  I use these for cutting larger stems (like willow, branches, thick greens) and bunches of flowers.  There’s so many types and brands out there you can go crazy picking them out.  I like ones that aren’t too curved with not a lot of mechanical additions, like all kind of hooks and gadgets added.  The one I’ve pictured is perfect for me.  I like where the lock is placed so I can use my thumb to lock or unlock the clippers.  Now these come in all kinds of cool colors so you can coordinate with your favorite color.  I know how stylish you are!  Garden Clippers

That finishes my list of tools for you to purchase.  Quality is important, but you don’t have to break the bank either.  Most of these tools you can get from a floral wholesaler like Floral Supply Syndicate if you have a resale license (I’ll talk about licensing in another post), an on line retail florist supply house like, or any of the craft stores like Michael’s, Joann’s, or Beverly’s Fabrics.  Some of the items will be at any hardware store, so check them out too.

You’ll also need something to carry and store your tools in.  Something small and easy for now, then you can upgrade when the time is right.  I use a cloth covered small carrier that I purchased at OSHTool Box, Cloth I think it was probably made to hold various screwdrivers and smaller tools.   It’s opened, very handy,  lightweight and holds my tools, screwdrivers, spools of wire and other items I might need when I’m traveling.  Anything you feel comfortable with that fits your tools is the right one!   Enjoy and have fun picking out your tools.  Every aspect of this journey is exciting, don’t you think?!


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