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The Perceived Floral Value

Fresh arrangement oranges flax protea (7)Designing flowers can make you money while satisfying that artist I know is hiding somewhere in your psyche.  You just need some info to keep that artist alive and well.  One of the key facts about designing flowers for profit is to understand the perceived value of the design.  What that means is that the flower arrangement looks so cool it doesn’t matter what the sender paid for it……they are so excited they will come back for more while knowing they will get their money’s worth.  In order to make money, you have to make sure the right amount of product is placed in the arrangement without putting too much in.  At the same time it’s gotta look

It’s obvious I’m a fan of taller flower arrangements, designs that use space and flower stems for a larger look to the viewer.  So in my design world the perceived value is always greater than the dollars spent.  And it works over and over again with repeated business from senders around the globe.  Most florists design very compact vase arrangements because most website images are of this style and that’s what the public sees.   So the cycle continues.  Not a bad thing by any means;  flowers are beautiful in any form or size.  But what’s important is to make sure your designs have the largest look for the money spent.   Use those stems and the space between the flowers and greens to give the arrangement an incredible look.  Yup, your time is valuable as well, so get used to designing architecturally some of the time to “wow” your public.

Check out the designs I’ve added to this post.  Lots of space between the stems, some compact flowers, with greens used to be as important as the flowers are.  If you can cut your own greens, great….more value to you and them.



So here’s the deal:  don’t get caught up in the trend that says you must cluster all your flowers  because “they” said so.  Use your skills to create visually valuable designs that have interest, utilizing stems and space while making you a healthy profit; don’t be afraid to try those designs either.  That way the floral wheel keeps turning for us to continue creating for years to come.

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