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Fresh arrangement cool look (7)This flower arrangement is one of my favs.    The flow and architectural elements capture your eye, taking it up, around and through the design.  Did I have this planned?  No way!  My little pee brain can plan, but most of the time I take my product and put it together the way it happens.  I’m not sure if this is  curse or a blessing…..just the way it happens!  Almost EVERYTHING was cut from yards except for the oriental, orange and calla lilies….how cool is that?!  Now some insight to creating this design:

  1. The container is from the Dollar Tree:  plastic, wider at the top, narrower at the bottom.  They manufacture these for plants, but we have other ideas, right?
  2. The vessel is filled with floral foam, cutting pieces to fit horizontally into the container, building up until the foam is about an inch or so above the top of the unit. Tape into place with your green waterproof binding tape.
  3. Fresh arrangement cool look (2)
    Clustering of flowers for focal impact

    I used hydrangea, oriental lilies, calla lily, agapanthus.  The foliage includes:  miniature schefflera,  Japanese iris, curly willow, bird of paradise leaf,  and (believe it or not) the top trio is a weed I gathered!

  4. Beginning with the “weed” trio, I clustered the lilies and hydrangea, then extended with the calla and agapanthus buds.   Binding them together gives visual flow to this arrangement; using the buds of the agapanthus instead of the blooms keeps the flower arrangement graceful as it extends to the right.   A swirl of the bird of paradise leaf attached with a small wire gives another “curve” to this project.  The schefflera foliage stem up to the left seems to make it’s own architectural statement, almost a design IN A design.
    Fresh arrangement cool look (4)
    Agapanthus buds bound and grouped for more design impact
    Fresh arrangement cool look (5)
    Calla lily grouped to the left
    Fresh arrangement cool look
    Bird of Paradise foliage gives a grand curve.
The miniature schefflera stem becomes a design on its own.
The miniature schefflera stem becomes a design on its own.

Making a flower arrangement in clustered, extended stages is just like building anything else.  It defines how you do it and makes it so much easier to understand the concept.  If you take these different elements applying them to your design on any size scale, you’ll have a contemporary piece of art to share with your world.  That’s what this site is all about,  sharing so you can create while putting your own spin on whatever design you choose.   Now go create my friend and show them what you’ve got!

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