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Centerpiece arrangements can be a bit confusing when you’re first learning floral design, even after you have some experience under your belt.  Just remember to keep practicing, listening, and learning;  then it will all come together and you’ll be an expert at centerpiece construction.   There are so many occasions where these are needed and asked for.  So, proper construction is the name of this game and  I’m here to nudge that along in a way that is educational and rewarding.

This design is free flowing and easy to assemble once you understand the “why” and “how”.   It’s the perfect flower arrangement for bride’s tables, dinner parties, sideboards, just about anywhere a centerpiece is needed.  You can scale it down or make the design much larger.  Always remember that you’re the captain of the ship that takes direction from YOU.   What I love about this sharing is that once you learn these design techniques, adjustments can be made for whatever occasion or area you need the arrangement for.  Let’s get to work!

For this arrangement I used:

  1. alstroemeria lilies
  2. roses,
  3. sunflowers
  4. calla lily
  5. gerbera daisies
  6. pink oriental lilies
  7. leather leaf, green pittisporum, privet
  8. 1/2 block of floral foam
  9. Green 1/2″ bowl tape


The flowers are from my trusted Trader Joe’s with some greens harvested and others from my local supplier Skyline Growers.

Using a plastic liner from a pre made salad (recycle, recycle, recycle!) to place my foam in, I used pan glue on the bottom to secure the foam in place as well as green bowl tape.  These containers are the perfect size for arrangements like this and hold up well when you’re delivering them.  Make sure the tape is tight and secures the foam in place…..very important when moving these designs from location to location.

20150613_114144First, let’s get some greens in place to for the design shape:  leather leaf at the ends, while mixing the pit, privet, and leather leaf in other areas.  See how mixing the greens gives more dimension and shape to the arrangement?  Beginning with the calla lily and oriental lily (which now come in all shades of pinks, burgundies and whites) I’ve got the height of the design set, clustering for more visual impact.

Calla lily have soft stems, so be careful when inserting them into the foam so they don’t bend or “mush up”.  Sometimes I will burrow a small hole into the foam with a pencil, then slip the calla lily stem in.  These are tricks you will learn along the way which help so much!

20150613_114611The next image shows how you get the length set, using sunflowers and pink alstroemeria to define the size.  Notice the visual flow from right to left, almost like a subtle wave.  Another opened lily is added to help define the focal area.


20150613_120106Then we create away adding light yellow alstroemeria,  red gerbera daisies, pink roses, a few more greens where needed to finish off the design.  Fill the flowers in where there are vacant spots, but keep in mind the flow and depth of the arrangement.

20150613_115815Designing centerpieces can be a tedious, time consuming job.  The more organized you are, the faster they will be completed so you can go on to the next project.  Adjust this design by using evergreens for the holidays…..add glitz, ornaments, branches.  Once you have the mechanics down, you’ll be on the road to create whatever style you need for any occasion.  Enjoy my friend!


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