Simple Rose Design

Peach roses with

Rose arrangements are still one of my favorites, and loved across the globe.  There’s just something about this flower that most see as upscale or valuable, while having beauty that they also see in their gardens.  This rose design is airy with grace and creative touches that give the arrangement interest for the viewer.  The tight lily stems will open to reveal a beautiful orange tone to blend with the light peach roses, both purchased from our local farmer’s market.  Always a great deal and just happen to be from local grower Eufloria Flowers and Skyline Flowers.

Greens and fillers used:

  1. Papyrus
  2. Loriope grass
  3. Sea foam statice
  4. Variegated pittisporum
  5. Just a touch of solidaster
  6. Curly willow
The container is a 4″ ceramic pot from the 99 Cent Store.  The store carries these at different times of the year, in an array of colors.  A small piece of floral foam is set into the pot, then watered in.

First get your roses and lilies in place.  They’re arranged in a very vertical (up and down) view so that the line is continued, taking your eyes form top to bottom.  Next the papyrus is inserted to continue the left and up.

Now insert and swirl the willow and blade grass, tying the willow to the lily stems with small pieces of wire.  The blade grass is inserted, then looped around with a wired wood pick, inserted into the foam. 4 peach roses with papyrus (2)

Nestling in the pit, statice, and solidaster finishes off the arrangement.  I added a piece of pit up and to the left for a little more interest, which also fills the space a bit.  Slipping in some blade grass in the bottom and out to the right continues a flow from the papyrus down, through, and splashing to the right of the design.

4 peach roses with papyrus

While this is a simple arrangement of roses and lilies, it has enough creative additions to capture your audience as well as keeping you excited about your designs.  Very inexpensive to design, with great retail value; an easy and quick money maker.  Go create, try different things, and expand your horizons.  The floral world is yours for the taking, so grab away!

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