Grand Rose Arrangement

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Making a statement with your rose designs really captures an audience.   We all love to see showy arrangements, and they are totally exciting to construct.  This creation uses two dozen “Goldstrike” roses from my local grower Eufloria Roses, who grows the most beautiful California roses.  They’re only available through wholesalers, but you can get great long stem roses at Albertson’s, Von’s markets or another outlet that you have locally and still create beautifully.   All the other greens and product are from my love of harvesting:  birch logs, Australian Flax, nandina (heavenly bamboo), podocarpis, sea foam statice, blade grass (loriope), fox tail fern, variegated pittisporum.

The container is a heavy duty plastic, larger planter that was on sale at Joann’s Fabrics, about 24″ x 8″….perfect for a grand design like this, and under $10.  It took about four blocks of floral foam plus pieces, some wood wired picks, pan glue.  Use a leaf shine spray product (available at Michael’s) to keep your foliage looking sparkling clean.

If you’re using birch logs like I did, get some foam in place, leaving spaces for the logs to fitDSC_0044 (3) to the bottom.  Form your foam around the birch so they are very secure in the container; you don’t want them to move around when you’re delivering them. Then fill your container with more foam.  Stack the foam so it’s economically used while giving solid support and water to the design.

Tape the over the top of the foam in a few places to make sure it’s very secure.  Tightly tuck the tape under the rim of the container.  Either pre soak your foam or water it in really well.  I prefer watering in after as it’s easier to work with.  But pre soaking is done by many, so you choose.  Now you can add the grand look of the heavenly bamboo.  Trimming the bottom foliage off gives a sleek look to the designs and allows the roses to shine, setting the architectural stage.

Start adding your roses, making sure they are cut at a slant so they can take  up water better, last longer, and ease into the foam more securely.  Notice that I’ve placed them at different heights for that “growing garden” look.

The flax gives the arrangement visual flow, with the yellow color embracing the yellow of the roses.  Add some vertical,  cutting the ends in a “v” so the flax will wedge well into the foam.  Of course, we have to swirl some for movement!  Use a wood wired pick to secure the end of the flax into the foam.  Notice how the tall flax fills in some of the empty spaces while adding to the height of the arrangement for more of a grand presence.

DSC_0044 (4) Bits of lush podocarpis are added in different places to fill in the arrangement.  Add the blade grass in groups that you’ve tied together with your wired wood picks.  The foxtail fern is added for texture, so swirl in the same way that you do the flax.   Finish the design off with touches of sea foam statice tucked in different areas for a punch of color.   If you’d rather keep the design yellow and green, then don’t add the statice.  Again, you’re the captain of this ship so create for the style you choose.
 I included the spheres to give the design an added décor look.  These spheres come in a mixed pack from TJ Maxx and are very easy to work with.  Piercing  the outside layer with a wood pick and a touch of glue added at the end, I twisted the pick so the point would go into the sphere, then pushed it in about half way.  I dipped the tip into my glue pan, then inserted where I thought the sphere looked good.  Voila, another design element added to give interest to the arrangement.   DSC_0044 (5)
Creating this type of arrangement is exciting, fascinating.  Every time an idea pops into my head I’m motivated to try something new, to test my design skills to reach for those floral stars.   The cost of items to construct this arrangement are so  minimal when you realize it’s retail value.  That’s the key to creating flowers and making money.  Keep designing and trying new things to impress yourself and those precious clients.   It will show you just how far you really can go in the floral universe!

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