DIY Wedding Bouquet Holder


I’ve gotten a bit bored with regular hand tied bouquets, so this boy decided to make a bouquet holder of his own, something cheap, cool, with enough mechanical savvy to hold the flowers in place with a good water source.

I took my cue from the manufactured bouquet holders from companies such as Oasis Floral trying to think of a different way to have a water source without having stems hanging out that I needed to put the bouquet into a vase, worrying about wet stems and bride’s dresses.  And I do love a challenge!  Looking around, I saw my bucket of harvested curly willow and said “That’s it!” and got to work figuring out how to have the stems be a handle with adding a floral foam water source.

This became the most fun project that is totally cheap to make.  The only cost is your small amount of foam, some green binding floral tape,  what you wrap the handle in, and (of course) the flowers and greens you use (or not if you harvest!).

Start by forming the shape of the bouquet, swirling the willow together.  Then bring the stems down to form the handle.  Tie it off with a chenille stem or wire.DSC_0053 - Copy

DSC_0054 - Copy


Prepare the center foam section by cutting a piece of harder plastic, like from the bottom of a light plastic disposable bowl that you might have left over from a party.  Cut the size of the foam you want to adhere.  Not too large, but large enough to hold your stems in place with proper water for your flowers.  About 3.5″ x 3.5″ is good.  Glue your foam to your precut bottom, then use your green binding tape to adhere the unit to the willow form you’ve made.  Go around a few times to secure the unit well.   You’ll need 1/4″ green binding tape for this, or tear your 1/2″ into two pieces (I do this all the time if I’m out of the other tape).  Give the bouquet holder a test strength by tossing it into the air and grabbing it (with a firm wiggle) to make sure everything holds well.  Nothing worse than a bride’s bouquet falling apart down the aisle!

I chose burlap to finish this bouquet, but you can use what ever you’d like to go with the style of bouquet you’re creating.   Make sure the fabric or ribbon is secured in place with glue; Oasis Floral Adhesive is great for this.oasis floral glue

Soak your foam, and get ready to create your masterpiece!  Use this model to design whatever type of handle you’d like.  Buying the premade units are not that expensive, but there’s just something about being able to do things on your own, to show how resourceful you really can be.  Now go create with excitement…..on to the next project!

DSC_0060 - Copy

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