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Permanent Design Birch log incurve protea birch branches (11)I’m a designer that enjoys having tons of materials around me to choose from.  Many times I can’t define a design until I get the first object into place.  In this case it’s a birch log from a bundle I purchased 1/2 off at Michael’s that I happen to see close to check out.  These babies were perfect specimens, a great price, so what the heck?!  Yup, sometimes  I “let go and spend a little dough”.

The flowers and greens were purchased at permanent flower supplier in LA, International Silk Inc. that has incredible deals.  They buy left overs from major manufacturers, so you get quality product at a great price.  They ship as well with a $100 minimum (easy to get there!).  I was in the area so I stopped by.  I was definitely a kid in a candy store!  The product from this supplier is what I used in this permanent design, although you can find similar items at Michaels.

The flowers, supplies, and greens include:  Incurve protea (they sure look real), assorted greenery,  dried foam, harvested birch branches, log, metal picks, wood wired picks,  reindeer moss, ceramic container (this one came from a supplier I’ve used, Pioneer Wholesale Co. (great wholesale floral items and artificial flowers), pan glue or glue gun

Start by drilling holes into the log, size allowing a wood pick to fit into about 1/4″ glued with your glue choice, as well as drilling holes in the top for your birch branches.  Whittle the birch branches down a bit so they slip in well into the log, which holds them tightly into the hole.  Let the glue dry for about 30 seconds to a minute, then add some to the sticks of the picks.  Slowly insert the log unit into the dried foam so that the log is placed where you want it.  I chose to set it a bit to the right for added design.Permanent Design Birch log incurve protea birch branches (10)

Once the log is in place, your design journey will really flow.  Cut off all the pieces of product you need, saving the stems and leaves to add to the design as well.

Decide where you’d like the protea to have the most visual impact, especially with their vivid orange color dominating the design…..a color I love!  Glue them in place so they are upright and secure.   Use the faux foliage you’ve selected and cut apart, the pieces into place around the protea and the log.  I used some foliage vertical as well as draping and fitting in around the protea blooms.  The left over leaves from the protea stem are also included….use as much of your product so there’s no waste, and more money for you!  I inserted some of the vertical foliage right into the protea so it would “appear” to be growing out from the flower.  Something different we can do to create more of an artful design for our viewers.

Permanent Design Birch log incurve protea birch branches (6)Permanent Design Birch log incurve protea birch branches (9)Without much product, we’ve created a permanent design that takes “silk” to another level.  It’s a design that can be financially rewarding while taking our floral skills to a level we can be proud of.   Who knows what awaits around that next floral corner?


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