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20150627_124216-1 (3)Artful plant designs are right up there with creative fresh flower arrangements; don’t think of them as “dish gardens” or “potted plants” but as Garden Designs that lift someone’s spirit for years to come.   I’m such a fan of this Eco Décor that I hope I can get your plant mojo revved up!

Containers, plant selection, and added décor all play an important role in the final design of these creations.  So think about your choices,  but do satisfy the artist in you for sure!

This design has a container from TJ Max, plants and soil  from Home Depot, with harvested branching and log pieces.  I always use Miracle Grow soils as they have the most perlite (the small spongy white things that helps aerate the soil for better root growth ) in their products as well as fertilizer for the plants to grow on for the next few months, which will keep everyone smiling

Even though the container is probably well lined,  I always add more lining with plastic garbage bags……it’s a good practice to keep us all sane.  Leaks from plants can be a nightmare and wreak total havoc with carpets and wood floors.   I’ve chosen plants that are architecturally visual for the sake of design, as well as being able to grow well together.   These are Mother-In-Law’s Tongue (need I say more) which is so hardy it can be neglected for weeks, and spider plants which will grow little baby spiders on long, graceful stems.  You’ll be able to cut these babies off and plant them in soil to grow on forever.   That’s as green as you can get!

Pour some soil in the container to where you’ll be adding the plants.  Removing the plants from their original containers,  add them where they look the best.   Once in place, add more soil around the units making sure the soil is somewhat packed in.  If you don’t, the plants will wobble and not grow well.  AND might fall out in delivery!2015-06-28_07-05-54

Next come the décor additions.   I used a piece of bark I had left over from a wedding, drilled a hole into the unit, then gluing in a long stick to keep it in the soil.  I also used pan glue to adhere the piece onto the side of the basket.  Then the manzanita branch and pieces into place.   A little moss for accent on the branching as well as around the plants to cover soil while keeping moisture in the container.

Bark added to plant design
Bark added to plant design

Now a bit of watering in, and ready to place in your home, or off to that client who is eager for your creative addition to their décor.

Proper design mechanics and planting knowledge are essential for these types of creations to give you credibility and profit.  Don’t rush just to get them done.   Our floral art can be everywhere in all shapes, sizes and types.  Enjoy creating and adding value to our world…..

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