Heads Out of our Bummies…

I started this site to help anyone who would listen how to design flowers and decor for fun AND profit.  How to take something from nothing, create it into a viable design that will capture your audience (and those audiences do vary around the world) in the cheapest way possible that will turn an exceptional profit for the product, time and energy spent.

So I’m using various design styles and types to achieve that.  But it won’t happen unless designers get their heads out of their asses.  I don’t mean this to be offensive and I have the greatest respect for our floral artisans around the globe, many of them friends of mine. But the most incredible designs that I see people drooling over would never be something they could use in their everyday work.  Yes, it’s incentive and you can always take a piece of a design and use it for your client base……but will you or can you?

Let your ego go, direct yourself to creating designs that make you money even if these arrangements were picked out from a generic image.  Don’t be enamored with a designer and wish you could be like them for the glory.  Glory ain’t gonna fill your bank account unless you travel the globe teaching and demanding a quality wage.

So I sit here sharing what I’ve learned through the ups and downs of our industry, things that net me profit with each design.  Yes, I love being artful and sharing on all platforms of social media.  But my true goal is to gather an audience, show you how to turn flowers into profitable friends that will continue your journey.   Putting your head in the right place will do that.  Trust me, I do love compliments BUT I’d rather you learn from what I’ve gathered over the years, taking that information and rising to the top of the financial heap.  That, my friends, would be the best compliment ever!

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