Terrarium Art

Terrium full 2

With a throwback to the awesome 70’s (I embrace that decade with a whole lotta soul) terrariums again reveal themselves as wonderful plant designs.  These units combine modern essence with charm that add those creative touches we love in our décor schemes.  Terrariums are so easy  to create with very low cost while being great gifts for you or your client base to share.

Inexpensive glass containers work well for these creations.  The bowl I used had been picked up in my travels.  I love the shape for a terrarium design and adding the 20″ vase gives the architectural look I wanted.  Both of these containers are readily available for purchase at Michaels, Joanne’s, TJ Maxx, Home Goods, Marshalls) and thick enough not to break easily.  Look around to see what you have to work with; It’s amazing what we have tucked away in our shelves and cupboards…..almost like hidden treasure!

The plantings are two varieties of sedum:  the top cascading sedum is called Jelly Bean Plant (which I love using in fresh floral designs as well) and the bottom is a dwarf ground cover sedum.  Both are basically outdoor plants, very hardy, and will grow indoors if they have plenty of light and warmth.  Both these beauties were taken from my yard, separated and dug up from bigger plantings.  Sedum are so easy to replant as well.  You can dig up a clump and replant anywhere you want more to grow; that’s the wonder of these plants along with their wonderful shapes and green hues.

Terrarium bottom closeupBoth containers are separate, with the vase sitting on the dwarf sedum.  I added a little soil (Miracle Gro soil of course) on the bottom of the bowl,  then added the sedum in pieces.  The blue stone are always a beautiful accent, purchased at any outlet like Home Depot.  Just place them around the terrarium base and enjoy how the green and blue hues play off each other.

The vase took a little more time, layering the stone and soil.  The branching was included as I was constructing so they would become a true part of the design.  Digging up the Jelly Bean sedum I ended having some cool roots to add texture and interest.  Organic touches make such a difference in these designs.Terrarium top closeup

Another dangling variety of sedum ended up in the mix as well, which was even better.  I took my can of 3M spray adhesive (from Home Depot) and added the melalueca bark to break up the darkness of the soil and stones.  Holding the pieces in place after spraying keeps them securely  on the vase.  A few clumps of  reindeer moss from Joann’s glued on with pan glue, and the design is complete.

Getting our hands dirty is fun, especially when we design something interesting that’s low cost with the ability to net a solid profit.   Create your own variation of this plant design adding all the touches of décor you love.  Entice your customers and friends with some samples.  That will definitely get the interest going and those sales coming.

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