Holiday Outdoor Garland

Crist Post 2 (7)Fun times to work on outdoor stone posts like this……I’m thankful for the opportunity.  Another challenge to show the stuff we’re made of as well.   These beautiful posts needed some Holiday décor to greet the season’s guests to this grape growing horse ranch.  As usual I jumped on it!

I opted for artificial garlands from Costco for lasting quality with our California coastal warmer fall/winter days.  They are the best value:  very thick, well put together, lots of white lights, and a great price.   This design needed wider fabric/ribbon so I opted for the glitzed netting from Michael’s that’s economical while adding the perfect design element I was looking for.

Crist Post 2Placing the netting in, around and through the garland makes such a nice flow in the design.  I scrunched it, wove it through the garland and wired it in different places.  This method allows for the netting to cascade our eyes down the garland “path”.  Notice that the garland design is thicker at the top, then trails thinner towards the bottom.  This lends more of a design feature to the garland.

Since I wanted longer lasting fresh items included in the garlands for a more “real” look, I harvested fresh magnolia, princess, pine, and California oak tree branches.  The trick is to add everything spaced through the design so it’s visually appealing while taking up space in the garland.  Fitting the magnolia in the garland was first on the list;  it’s the larger leafed item, so our eyes will go to those pieces first.  All the fresh materials were sprayed with plant leaf shine.  It coats the greens, allowing them to last longer out in the elements (I always use this product to clean up the greens I use in all my fresh designs).

Princess pine was the evergreen of choice.  This pine has curve to the foliage for more visual interest, and is long lasting out of water.  Even after it’s dried, princess pine tends to keep it’s color, which is huge for fresh decorating.  I spread it through the design, wiring the pieces securely into the garland at each location.  I left the leaves on the oak branches so the garlands have an airy feel.  Since they’re native to California, the branches aCrist Post 2 (2)re a smart addition to this coastal ranch décor.

Mixing faux and fresh can be the perfect answer for some of your holiday decorations.   Using the freshest of greens along with quality artificial accessories makes a great union in the décor world, while your smart mechanics and great eye will create the final design to be proud of.   At the end of the season these garlands can be cleaned up and tucked away for next year’s festive accessorizing of these beautiful stone columns.   Interpret your own décor for the most beautiful season ever!



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