Naturally Wreathn’ it….

1381Nature is definitely all around us, begging to be recreated into beautiful floral designs to capture our audience.  These  birch branches, succulents, and evergreens became the focus for this primitive, Native American designed wall piece…..along with a few faux touches for accent.

Using fresh birch gives this piece it’s arching movement (you’ll need a few thinner pieces to add for thickness) to bend into the shape you want using pieces of 22 gauge wire to attach together.  I added a somewhat horizontal branch to help the design keep it’s shape and to have another surface to dangle items from;  the more visual movement the better!

I included just 3 pieces of noble fir. This green has such a definite shape and darker green color for this type of design. These were wired and glued (with pan glue ) into place.  Then we start gluing on the succulents, dangling some along with the artificial amaranthus (the long, dark green items) with wire.






This piece needed a touch of color, so the artificial blooms came into play, along with the bits of moss (reindeer and sphagnum) for different textures.  Your glue gun is perfect for this, or just dab a little pan glue on the moss and silk flowers.

Being able to create for various cultures and ethnicities is embracing in the current climate of our world.  As floral designers, we bridge the gap of hatred and greed showing that natural beauty transcends all.  It’s an honor to have this distinction and truly make a difference in our world.



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