Wreath Glam with Nature

Holiday wreath with glitz ribbon 002A bit of glitzy ribbon, manzanita branching, tinted pine cones and curly willow,  my fav melaleuca bark, a 30″  faux wreath and you’ve got yourself a lasting décor piece of your holiday dreams.

These simple elements are available from our friend Mother Nature as well as your local craft store, and this is totally easy to construct.  Since the wreath will be a bit disheveled from bringing it home, straighten the greenery so the wreath is spread out to handle the design.  Get your cones and willow sprayed gold with a can of gold spray paint from the hardware store,  allowing these babies to dry well before you attach them.

Now attach the manzanita branch with florist wire, giving the wreath wonderful visual structure.  You can place it horizontal as well for another cool look.   Rip the bark in different sized pieces (you can use any kind of bark you find, or cut/saw pieces of bamboo ) to add throughout the wreath.   Dab some pan glue or use your glue gun to attach the pieces, spreading them around the wreath.   No worries, whatever spacing you want is what the look should be.

Holiday wreath with glitz ribbon 004

Place your painted pine cones in and around the wreath.   These goodies can be glued in place and/or wired on as well.  Just take your small piece of wire and wrap it around the cone, twisting it close to the cone base.  Then your lower pieces of wire will tighten the cone right onto the wreath.

Wire on the curly willow so it comes out and around the unit for depth.   Take your time with this;  even though the willow is thin, it’s an important addition to the final look of the design.Holiday wreath with glitz ribbon 006

The fun glitzed ribbon is next on the list to complete this lovely wreath.   This type of ribbon usually comes in 10 yard rolls, and will go far if you cut it into smaller pieces.  I jagged my pieces for a “rougher” look…..guess my brain’s a bit rough once in a while.  Scrunch the ribbon pieces then tie with a small piece of wire, adding to the wreath in various locations for “glam” touches.Holiday wreath with glitz ribbon 005

This project is fun, quick and easy,  and extremely low cost.  What’s fabulous is the visual you can achieve by taking a bit of time out of your day and gathering the right product to create with.  It’s all at your fingertips!  Create and give value by adding beauty to our world, my friend.


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