Elegant Calla Lily Bride’s Bouquet

Beautiful mini callas with glam and glitz
Beautiful mini callas with glam and glitz

Calla lilies are a designer’s dream:  long lasting,  shapely, grown in multiple shades of desired colors, and small or large enough to use everywhere for an event.  With texture and shimmery touches,  designing this bouquet of miniature white calla lily is a project your artistic nature will love, a bouquet that is lightweight and so easy for your bride to carry around.

Here’s your list of product to gather for this bouquet:

—10 miniature white calla lily

—limonium as filler (this is from the statice family)

—7 lemon leaf greenery

—pieces of holiday glitzy branches

—a bit of bear grass and 1 piece of Italian Ruscus at the top

—some shiny ribbon

Have all the items you’re using pre cut into pieces that will fit well into the bouquet for ease of construction.  This is something to keep in mind for all your designs for quick construction and client value.  I curled and stapled the lemon leaves to add to the growing look, so have this pre done as well.

I designed this cutey to have an upward growing feeling,  so begin with the piece of Italian Ruscus at the top (or you can use another type of greenery or bear grass alone, no problem!), then add one calla lily and a few pieces of bear grass.  The other lilies are placed down and nestled around to give the bouquet that “in and out” look of depth for our eyes to feast on.

Fit in the pieces of limonium, the artificial glitzy branches, and touches of bear grass (for some mixed visual) as you build your bouquet, making sure they are securely in place as you hold the design.  Fitting the pieces tightly into the bouquet lets them be part of your creation without taking over the whole look.   That’s what helps give this bouquet the sophisticated, tailored style for your discreet bride.

Next add the ribbon (with this done first, you can glue the lemon leaves into place after for a snug fit and look) tightly placing the ribbon around the stems.   A little bunching of the ribbon gives the bouquet a more lush look which adds so much to this design.   Pin or glue the ribbon where it looks best to your eye.   Now you can glue the lemon leaves in and around the neck of the bouquet to finish the look.   Use your glue to add branches and limonium if you have spaces you’d like to fill.  Don’t overdo it, just enough to complete the look.

This is truly a simple bouquet but with the addition of a few creative touches and glitz, it becomes a customized creation that keeps your bride smiling and the artistic side of your brain satisfied.  The crowd will love the shimmering aspects of the bouquet, the light bouncing off to give the design the visual pleasure they love.  With those “oohs” and “ahs” you’re sure to capture that audience with more business coming your way.







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