Tropical Trio Delight

Tropical design trio
Trio of tropical designs

Tropical flowers brighten any table, and this trio is the perfect setup for a glass topped unit.  Small with creative interest, these are the kind of designs that capture our eyes with vivid hues and multiple textures .  With  clustering of different product you can achieve this style using anything you have on hand.

I used stone look containers, but you can totally use plastic vessels that you won’t see and the look will still be the same.  That’s the secret to making money while giving your client great value…..I can’t stress this fact enough!

Everything in these arrangements is cut from various places except for the orchids,  antherium, and ginger (purchased from a local supplier),  moss (Michael’s) and bamboo sticks ( Home Depot).  The harvested items are:  succulents, twigs, sea foam statice,  and a variety of greens.  Cutting your own product is so invigorating and gives you the opportunity to be as creative as possible….. go for it!


While there are always design principles in place, I seem to start each one a bit different.  These I began with some clustering of greens/succulents, then added cut bamboo while gluing some (with my trusted pan glue) to the side of the container for added interest.  The design with the antherium bloom needed items added first, then placing the shortened stem into the foam.  Cutting off the bottom part of the dendrobium orchid stem gave me extra orchids to insert into one of the designs while including a longer piece into the other arrangement.  Never waste anything if you don’t have to!


Each design is created differently so they can end up fitting together, not necessarily to look like one unit, but to fill the space with design appeal.  Looping grasses with some upright looks great, with bits of moss spread through the arrangements.  Some succulents are nestled in while others are secured with a wood wired pick into the foam.  Random is the mode here, so put your product together for the best visual texture you can achieve.


Your tropical creations will last for at least a couple weeks, with much of the product being around much longer with proper watering.   Remember to: cluster greens and filler, use different items for visual interest, add touches of moss, bamboo and/or twigs for that organic feel and your clients will love you, coming back for a whole lot more!

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