Flower Walls Are Sweet!

Flower Board Complete

Flower Walls are beautiful backdrops for any event, especially creating for occasions which require a setting that can be moved around to different locations.  This design I helped create with my friend Beth O’Reilly for our local AIFD Southwest Region wedding seminar held in Southern California.  Beth purchased a “rolling” clothing stand on wheels from Ikea, then constructed (this girl is great with tools!) the frame that can easily be removed in pieces.The frame is built with 1 x 4 pieces of wood on both sides, then nuts and bolts were added to easily remove parts of the frame for designing.  In the frame we glued (with pan glue and a paint brush) the 2″ Styrofoam pieces that are the base for the design.   With a wonderfully designed frame that comes on wheels, this baby was ready for creating!

Flower Board Naked

Some of the flowers used would need a water source so small pieces of floral foam cages were glued in different locations on the board.  As a first timer, I was pretty excited to get started on this design.  It’s important to mix foliage in strategic locations for a base, then  various mosses work great for color and texture.  Clustering of branches, flowing of flowers…..it’s all good!  To attach the product I curved some pieces of wire along with greening pins and wood wired picks.  Using the proper supply for the right area helps keep everything right where it needs to stay.

Flower Board halfDo some sketches and see what you can come up with to entice your clients to allow you to create these magical boards.  How about a sample in your shop created of artificial flowers that show the size and magnitude of these beauties? If I can create one these, any of you can.  Just have a grasp on what fresh product can last where, which flowers need a water source, and attach with the right supply to keep it all in place.

It’s all a matter of a few brains, the right mechanics, and someone who will spend the dinero.  But hey, there is so much product around you to be harvested that you might be able to price this modestly and get a huge return!

Flower Board Closeup 4

Flower Board Closeup 3

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