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Fresh arrangement with iris and armatlure (3)

Yah, I know, events, events, events……the big ticket items that bring in huge cash to your floral world.  This is where you can be the grand designer showing off your stuff, with hours upon hours of planning and execution, pix all over the internet for everyone to ooh and ahh over.  Nope, not for me.  Give me ten daily designs any day of the week and I’m a happy camper. These gems are the back bone of the industry that give most of us our start in this crazy, ever lovn’ business.

Fresh arrangement sunflowers, swirls

And yes, these arrangements can be a bit boring, ESPECIALLY when we’re forced to copy a picture (See my “Bim, Bam, Boom Wire Service Gone” post). My thing is to change these designs up, give them a few creative touches here and there to make the client smile while giving us something to look forward to every day.

When I’m out and about harvesting or ordering from my supplier, I try to pick up small bamboo, pods of all kinds, bark, anything I can add (and charge for) that will give these designs just that much more visual value.   TJ Maxx, Marshall’s, Michael’sHomegoods, Dollar Tree, Home Depot are a few places locally that usually have a variety of extras to choose from, so keep those eyes opened when you’re shopping.  Various mosses can give just the added touch you might be looking for.  If you’re buying wholesale, I’m a fan of Floral Supply Syndicate.  Easy ordering and shipping, great service, competitive pricing.  Lot’s of goodies to have on hand to design with.



It’s going to take just a few minutes longer to add items to your designs, but this is what separates you from the mass markets.  Proper glues are necessary as well like pan glue, glue gun, and/or Oasis Glue. Take the pictured design with clustered peach roses above, just regular ‘ol peach roses from Cananvalle Roses.  Swirling the willow and flax, then gluing a bit of moss gives the design the added visual value clients love.  Now, I was told by one of my renowned published floral friends (whose opinion I greatly value) that the moss doesn’t give the design the “clean” lines it should have.  While she might be right, I find clients love to have these touches added to their arrangements so that they’re a bit different from the clustered norm.  So I go where the money and residual work leads me!  I also added rex begonia foliage from my stock plants to give the arrangement added texture and color.  By the way, if you use these beauties, make sure to use a wood wired pick to insert them into the foam as the stems are extremely soft and can bend easily.  It drives me crazy when my stems break or bend!


I’ll be the first one to admit  these designs take a bit longer. The financial key is to have a variety of these setups pre done when you’re slow, then the arrangements will be quick to put together.  With all the whining I hear about wire services, this is a sure way to separate yourself in a world that still begs for floral gifts and is willing to pay for custom design.  So gather your goodies, create floral arrangements that will have great value while showing that we can survive, make money, and BE HAPPY CREATING!

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