Rose Designs For The 21st Century

There ain’t no doubt about it:  Roses are still a huge favorite in our floral world.  Centuries have proved their sustainability and I still get comments like “Will the arrangement have roses in it?”.   It’s that ever lovn’ perceived visual value that gives roses their place among today’s admired flower choices.  So if they want roses, let’s give them designs that have that eye candy everyone needs to fill their senses, arrangements with those touches of branching or trellises, dried product, or whatever you have that will give just the right amount of pizzazz to your rose creations.

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Face it, we all get BORED placing roses in a vase.  Not that these designs aren’t beautiful and  valuable to our client base.  But why not change it up a bit to keep our sanity while showing our stuff when the design is delivered to a huge office.  That is the best form of advertising you can get!

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I do a good deal of my roses in floral foam, and HAVE NEVER HAD A PROBLEM WITH THE FLOWERS NOT ABSORBING WATER AND WILTING (sorry, had to make it very clear about this to any of you naysayers).  Creating this way gives the arrangement so much more interest and depth, while adding awesome product to add to the design.  The roses above are designed in a plastic container (trust me, nobody cares as long as the design “wows” them) with floral foam set tightly and securely after I glued in and tied together the birch logs.  These guys are heavy so they need to get in there first so the foam helps keep them in place.  Using mixed foliage and swirling the flax gives the dimension our eyes need to feast on. You can make this all around, change it up to your style for the occasion or size of the design.  Key factor:  cut your roses at a good slant and insert them as far into the foam as possible to keep their aqua absorption at it’s peak.

2015-05-24 17.44.35

The design of red Cananvalle roses is (again) arranged in a plastic container from The Dollar Tree.  The support birch logs are set in place, glued with pan glue, with floral foam wedged in all around the unit.  The palm spath is screwed into the birch logs as well as glued.  A smaller piece of foam is attached with the glue as well.   So this set up is very secure, and, yah, takes a ton of product.  But how cool to scale it down, or adjust to whatever occasion or client you are creating for?


Smaller 6 rose designs can have the creative edge our clients love to see as well.  Yep, these all take a bit more time.  But with proper pricing and product gathering, a profit can be made while taking care of our creative souls and the wonderful customers who keep us on the right floral track.  That’s where the “win/win” keeps us happy creators!

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