Foxtail Asparagus: Our Architectural Friend

foxtail fern IIThis fabulous green is one I cherish and include in my floral designs whenever possible.   Sturdy and long lasting with the ability to be swirled, trimmed, spray painted and left out of water, this member of the asparagus family grows everywhere in warm weather regions.   Foxtail Asparagus (named obviously because it does mimic a fox’s tail) is a favorite of mine to cut wherever I see it….I even break if off with my fingers if I don’t have the trimmers with me!

Fresh Designs

This is one of those greens that superbly lends itself to more architectural designs, giving  the design great volume and texture while not taking away from the fresh flowers used.  You can use foxtail fern in groupings like soldiers standing at attention.  Or think about cutting the leaf into small pieces to spread around your design, then glue succulents on each one like a section of posts gathered together.  Tons of design options to think about.

Arr. 3

Fresh arrangement oranges flax protea (7)

I have resources around my area where I can gather the foliage in groups to be used for events, daily designs and holidays.   On the open market they can be a bit pricy, but easy to charge the proper markup for them because of the grand look they add to designs. They were especially valuable to add texture to some floral art I needed to create (another post on these designs later)  for a special event.

Flower Board with Foxtail AsparagusFlower wall art, logs, foxtail fern

This plant is so easy to grow that I hope you see the value and plant some wherever you have space in the semi shade.  Having nature readily available  is a blessing that can make the difference between financial and creative success, allowing the fruits of our labor to be readily accessible to a wide range of clients.  Let’s have fun using Foxtail Asparagus in ways that will wow our viewers keeping us the happy florists we deserve to be.

Fresh Design-birds of paradise, hydrangea, tulips, creativeFresh design in $ tree container

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