A Little Slice of Bamboo

Fresh Design, birds, angled cut in half bambbo

With day in and day out floral work,  you might not realize the impact you have on the world.  Creating floral gifts does make a difference in someone’s life, the “shock and awe” that someone thought so much of the recipient to send them flowers.  It’s your honor to go the extra mile with your talent.  Taking the time to saw, cut, and re work items to enhance the design gives them so much more to elevate their soul.

Bamboo is an amazing and natural design tool to add to your creations.   It’s always available at your local Pier One in groups of three tall pieces.  I gather some each time I go into my local store so it’s right where I want it when an idea comes into my brain.

I had a friend cut pieces for me, some halved in case I wanted to use them that way.  I don’t have the right saw for this, and I’m sure you have someone who’s handy with tools.    The arrangement is designed in a recycled salad container (waste not, want not) with the bamboo drilled with two holes in each, then  6″ wood picks glued into each one to secure them into the already glued in foam.  Scraping them up a bit took out a few frustrations I had that day…..great when your designs can help with attitude 🙂

Fresh Design, birds, angled cut in half bambbo (4)Getting the bamboo secured in place is the first priority.  Level the units, wedging with fresh or dried foam so these props stay in place for delivery and  professional design production.   Insert the bird of paradise along with the foliage.  Swirling and tying one of the greens adds some movement.  Watch out because these are stubborn leaves;  take care to tie the leaf on slowly so it stays secure.   Then have your moss moistened so it looks “plumply” fresh, then place it all around the design to cover basic mechanics and foam.   Use small pieces of wire in a horseshoe shape to secure the moss in place….or greening pins if you have them.  Whatever works to keep the moss in place without being seen with the naked eye.

Fresh Design, birds, angled cut in half bambbo (3)The cymbidium orchids work so well placed in the bamboo. Long lasting on their own,  it’s a good idea to place them in water tubes, or a small water source.  Even a piece of moistened paper towel wrapped in cellophane will do the trick.  Glue these in place on the bamboo with pan glue and these lovelies will stay where you want them.

Inserting and curving the willow gives such dimension to any design, especially in this case.   I am a dangler……love giving movement to arrangements!  Using colored or metal wire works well as does raffia or natural looking string.   I used small pieces of donkey tail succulents, but anything long lasting will work.  Maybe clumps of statice, grasses or?  Finish the design off with more succulents and greens, tucked in various places to draw the eye in.  The single rose might not seem like a sound design addition, but the orange works in this design.  Sometimes breaking the rules is ok!Fresh Design, birds, angled cut in half bambbo (2)

This arrangement is so low cost it’s almost scary!  Between harvesting and recycling,  it’s a great profit maker.  Plus you’ll give your audience something unique for them to enjoy.   This style and it’s mechanics can be adjusted to fit any of your needs.  Increase the size, change up the flowers, even place the sliced bamboo vertical with multiple orchids up and down like cars on a freeway.  Or totally horizontal in groups of bamboo at different heights.   Being in the driver’s seat is a key element which sends our clients the message that we know our stuff so let us create……we’ll be smiling and they will get so much more value.   Fabulous life,  isn’t it?







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