Yelp It, My Friends

Orchid plant, white

We love our floral art, creating beauty that adds value to the world.   Awesome isn’t it?  But with that art comes the reality of having sales to continue the journey.   Internet floral sales rise daily and we need to keep as many of those sales as possible.  One thing I’ve found to be a huge asset is YELP.   This site where thousands of followers comment on every thing from restaurants to your favorite store can be a bit tricky if you’re not savvy to its mechanics.   While I find the under 40 group goes there for recommendations all the time, every generation comes under the Yelp spell.   So we need to be aware of this site and work it to our advantage.

For a florist, it’s a no brainer.  List your store/studio with location, information about yourself and services.  Add some great images of your creations, and you’re done.    Then wait for the comments to be posted.  You can also pay for Yelp ads which might be a smart move for your market.

If you’re afraid of negative comments, then make sure you do everything right.  If a bummer comment arrives, address it immediately (in a cordial fashion,  never blaming the customer because your ego gets in the way) and don’t look back.    Continually mulling over why this happened will keep the situation at the forefront instead of allowing you to continue your day in a positive manner.

I make it a practice to ask how each customer found me, with most saying because of my 5 star rating on Yelp.   Once I kept hearing this, I realized the power of this site, and now I ask if they’re happy with my quality and service, will they post a positive post on my Yelp page.  I also ask the client to do this in a text when I send them an image of their gift.    I know it’s more work to do all of this, but the relationships formed are incredible and lasting.

Yelp is a smart tool to gather (and keep) new clients,  better than Facebook or other social media sites for florists.   Don’t let the fear of our new age stop you from being the florist you deserve to be.  Financial goals will keep your head above water and you the happy creator you deserve to be.




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