The Psychology of Men and Flowers

The other day I was thinking about what factors motivate men to buy flowers.  Are they just trying to be nice guys?  Do they think that flowers make the world a more beautiful place?  Or is there a hidden agenda?  My little brain came to the conclusion that masculine flower buying focuses around the three things that I think drive our productive beings:  money, power, sex.   Sometimes one, two or all three.

Let’s put this into action when we’re selling flowers to the dudes in our client realm.   Sex is probably at the top of the list, including the romance part of the equation.  So if flower buying is sex driven, use this to sell your product.  Get the conversation going by asking fun questions that will enable you to design the right flower arrangement:  is this a new relationship?  do they want to go over the top reeling the person it?  or is being a bit subtle the mode for this flower gift?   Of course you want to sell as large ($) of an arrangement as possible.  But my thinking is if you guide the person with the right style and size, he’ll be back a few more times for sure.



If it’s just about money, then size and cost will be what you’ll think about.  Some guys are just cheap and don’t see the value in spending money on flowers that won’t last.  These dudes are doing it because it’s expected, and any up selling just ain’t gonna work.  In this case, give them the best value possible, with long-lasting flowers, maybe a keep sake container that will be around for along time……then they’ll think their money is well spent.  This is when you make an impression so the guy realizes that maybe sending flowers isn’t such a bad investment.  This psychology might be hard to change, but well worth the try.

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Power driven men have been (and always will be) in huge numbers.   There seems to be an innate obsession for this group to constantly  focus on racing to the top of the pile, showing off their bank of testosterone.   I say, let ’em go!  So zero in on this attribute when you’re selling them flowers.   Again, asking questions gives the impression of how awesome they are sending this gift.  For sure, the bigger arrangement the better will reveal just how powerful these guys are.  Or so you let them think.   Then you can direct the sale any ‘ol way you desire for your benefit that will make a statement at the receiving end.  All for the good of the client, with you as the beneficiary.

DSC_0044 (6)

Sex, money, power.  It’s an easy game to play.  Grasping this sales approach is huge in a florist’s life.  I always get in the driver’s seat when taking a floral order, all the time giving the sender the idea they are making the decisions.  By doing this we can give quality value while our little creative souls get to design for that proverbial profit which is our ultimate  focus.  Yeah, baby!








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