Fluff It For a Fun and Profitable Ride

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I’m always looking for ways to increase my visibility and skills.  There are so many opportunities to advance ourselves……we just have to seize that moment when it calls!

Home staging and “fluffing” has been one area I’ve worked hard at over the years:  giving my client’s spaces new vision with the added bonus of functionality.   One day someone asked if I could do some work for them, then the journey began.  Again, did I know exactly how to do all this?  Crap, no!  Just went for it and kept proving myself over and over again.

Decor staging Rocks in Clear VaseWhat this involves is the knowledge of different styles, how this family lives, and what they expect from you.  I’m the kind of designer that finds out what they’re after, then LEAVE ME THE HECK ALONE because I get totally confused if someone is staring at me while I’m working.  When they’re gone I get so much freedom with creative juices flowing around my brain.

Add on sales are a must with this venture.   I’ve sold permanent designs, accessories and fresh plant creations by having them with me for the client to see, or suggesting I create for this or that location.   You can’t imagine how this helps your cash flow.

002 (7)Trust me, this ain’t something that just happens.  You need to put it out there that you have these skills, act on them, and don’t waver in what you charge.  I get a hefty amount for my time without a problem one.  I make sure they get their money’s worth with a fun experience that makes their home a prime vision to enjoy for the next couple months.  Then I’m back again to restage their space for a new look…..or maybe they need a friendly face to justify their new purchase, placing it in the right spot.  Now that’s a trusting relationship for fun AND profit!

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