Melaleuca Bark For Incredible Creating

With my motto “Nature provides, we accept!” my harvesting continues with one of my faves, bark from the ever-generous melaleuca tree.   With different varieties around the planet,  I’m fortunate that many grow right in my area of California.

This tree has incredible benefits for our physical health  (the Melaleuca line of products has amazing healing powers) but my love is using this wonder different ways in my designs.

Added in the faux wreath below,  it takes away from the “silky” look of the artificial pine giving awesome texture our eyes love to view.  Then using the bark as a collar around the base of the fresh orchid plant basket adds interest to the design.  These are just two of the ways this bark can be used to enhance your designs….naturally amazing!

Holiday wreath with glitz ribbon 002melaleuca bark 6

melaleuca bark 5

The bark has lasting quality and easy to harvest.  It separates from the tree begging to be torn off shedding in various size sheets that are perfect for whatever project you have in mind.

meleleuca Treemeleleuca bark

With pan glue, glue gun, or spray adhesive, Melaleuca bark and it’s uses are endless.  Think of using it as the backing for a flower wall or even placing the bark in a blender (like my friend Pim van den Akker) making it into a powder to cover different areas of your design….think Rose Parade float.

Get your mind going to think of different ways this natural product can benefit your design skills and bottom line.  If trees aren’t in your area, most wholesalers have the bark in stock.  If not, search the internet to see where you can find it.  This wonder of nature has saved my creative soul many times,  giving just the right texture where I need something to finish the look.  Let your soul capture the excitement of this valuable gift of nature……go create with wonder and amazement!

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