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Veggie Shower 1

With all the “food to table” farms around the country, vegetables are such an awesome product to design with.  I happen to live around fields and fields of all types of vegetables, so coming up with a source for a project was a no brainer.    You can easily get what you need from your local Farmer’s Market or grocery store, but having super fresh product was important for this event.

Veggie Shower 3This baby shower was Beatrix Potter themed……seems that lady is back in full force with new generations.  Her loving approach with her stories is endearing to us all.  In fact, we read these to our kids 35 years ago.  Seems what’s old is new again!  With burlap on a roll purchased from Michael’s, greens and willow from my harvesting gigs,  touches of hydrangea from Trader Joe’s, table designs were created.

veggie Shower 5First, get all your vegetables out so you can divide them to have enough of each variety to fill the center of the table.   This look needed to be from end to end, full yet not too far into the area where the plates would be set.  So I started placing different varieties on each table, going around and around until they were full.  Once the veggies were in place, I took the other greens and moss to set in different areas of the tables, with smaller pieces of burlap nestled into the “garland” to appear as if it was flowing through.

Veggie Shower 6The difficult part was ordering the proper amount of veggies to keep within budget yet fill the spaces to represent the theme.  I worked with the sales rep at the growers, came up with amount, then crossed my fingers it would be right.  And it worked!

Now, I had never designed with vegetables in this way, so it was a new experience.   The client gave me a call,  then an e-mail with the look of the invites and cake.  We’ve worked together for years, so our relationship was built on trust which allowed me to do my job without micromanagement…….something I never put up with anyway!  For pricing, I got info from the grower, then marked the vegetables up accordingly, 1.5 times, plus cost of the greens and supplies with their markup of 1.5x.  The setting up and on site design was quoted by my hourly rate.  I’m pretty good at judging my time, but the client knew if it took longer, then she needed to add to the budget.   I was given a deposit, then finished the transaction right on site with my phone.  Love, love, love technology.

Veggie Shower 1Always go for it when asked to do a project.  Think things out, be aware of variables.  Just don’t over think it or you’ll scare the hell out of yourself.   That’s when the job just won’t work, especially second guessing yourself.  Again, that design world is yours, so go for it…..and make some damn money!




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