Permanent Goblet 1 It’s the little additions we come up with in our designs that make a difference.  Financially and artfully.  These don’t have to be earth shattering.  Just enough to give visual dimension.   A little more time can give a whole lotta soul.

En suites in most houses probably aren’t embellished with permanent designs.  Or if they are, might be a good idea to throw it out.  Change up asked for, I oblige. 

Gathering goblets from the client’s array of accessories, I decided tall and thin was the design mode.   Bamboo, rocks, and reindeer moss for nature, faux ficus leaves for a touch of green.

Covering a small piece of dried foam with moss I fit the piece into the goblet, adding the small rocks from Home Depot in and around the interior base.  permanent goblet leaves closeupI had predesigned the bamboo (TJ Maxx find) with the ficus leaves, winding the wired string in different areas along with a bit of pan glue, as well as dabbing the glue on the leaves before placing them on the bamboo.

Bits of colored reindeer moss finish off the design after inserting the unit into the foam.  Glass, nature, faux….it’s all good.


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