Vintage Embellishing


Sharing is my way of living longer, giving back to a career that’s been creatively awesome while making money as a cool by product.  Designing floral art is tremendous, but making money from it is even better.  Take this vintage spring for example.  An opportunity to add my touches while giving the client an outdoor visual in her patio….and a few bucks for me.

Naturals seemed the best choice to stand the test of weather, as long as they were sprayed with a protective sealant…..Home Depot, here I come!  I looked to my wholesale choice Floral Supply Syndicate to gather some dried items to work with.  Perfect for what I needed.  As I love the foraging gig, Melaleuca bark was at the fore front to cover the sphere I decided to use as a focal point.  The pegboard was left over from sawing a 2’x2′ square piece into a 24″ round wreath base, leaving behind this sphere to be used.  Truly enjoy looking around and getting inspiration from what I have left over from other projects.

Melaleuca wreath constructionMelaleauca wreat construction 2Using spray adhesive, I covered both sides of the sphere with the bark, then trimmed with my clippers to follow the form.  Quick, easy, affordable…. the way I like it.

I took some covered wire, wrapped it around the sphere,  then glued some moss on the edge of the unit to finish this part of the design.  Now time to wire it in place on the spring.  The manzanita branch is also from Floral Supply Syndicate, as well as the Natraj stems (the dried, vertically clustered group to the left and down)……awesome to have these shipped right to my door.  The branch is wired in different places to make sure it stays secure.DSC_0124

Putting  the Natraj stems in place, I tied them on with wire.  The mossed spheres are from a bag of 6 I purchased at Home Goods in my travels….fabulous price.

These I wrapped in covered wire as well for more dimension.  Some of these tricks you realize as time goes on…..something won’t look quite right, then you realize what it is.  Your brain will get there, trust me!  The spheres are plastic inside so burrowing a hole with a wood pick on both sides is pretty easy.  This way I could solidly wire the spheres in place by putting a wire through the unit out to the other side… movement at all, very secure.  I had some small, dried rose looking pods that I decided to add to the spheres for a little more interest.

DSC_0119The design needed one more element, so I found two small birch branches that added what I was looking for.

This idea can be developed any ‘ol way you want to satisfy yours or your client’s needs.  My goal was to show off the spring while adding just the right amount of dried product to embellish what man had already created.   Learn, grow, share……the design world is yours…..


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