Design Details…..Added Value?

Small details post 6

Walking through Costco I see a flower arrangement for $19.99, and think “how do they do that?!”  Ah, mass production and cheap labor, that’s how.

Small details postIf Costco can copy a picture, guess anyone can.  Taking a little more time with design details seems to make sense.  Or shall we just let them take over the planet?

Small details post 5

2 thoughts on “Design Details…..Added Value?

    1. Amazing…thank you Tina…that warms my heart. My reason for doing this is to make a difference, help others know that although the road can be bumpy, we can overcome, give great designs/service with profit as a huge byproduct. Just the smallest idea can add such value to our designs and make those clients clamor for more! Cheers Tina…..

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