Should I do a floral video series?

We’re all so busy trying to fight off the wire services, big box competition, and just making a living to support our family that one more social network/video series might just put us over the edge.  With thousands of floral videos available, can one more make a difference? I believe it can.

Small details post 6‘ve had inquiries about doing some design video, so I’m reaching out to see who might see my value for this.  I’d create a series of daily design videos, tips to make your journey more valuable, satisfying our diversified client base, while making a solid profit.  Designs that have just enough creative edge to make a difference.  I’m thinking of doing 52 different videos so there would be one/week.   No longer than 15 minutes, and more like 10 minutes each.  We all just don’t have time for more than that.

I want them to be quick, easy to understand, and entertaining, so you could take a few minutes when you need some design input and even view from your phone.  No way would I be sponsored by anyone, paid by anyone, or beholding to a wire service.  Just me, my hands, my product from anywhere I choose.  That way I can truly give you information that is profitably valuable for your client base.   Just daily designs that are the bread and butter of the floral world.fresh design 6 red roses in bark basket

Before I go to any expense, I’m taking a survey to see who might be interested in this series.  Monetization is important, so I’d use a subscription channel, pay per video, or another way so my efforts can entice me to keep the series continuing.  I’m looking to keep it cheap so I can gather a quantity of followers for more profit.

If this is something your interested in,  please “like” or “love” this post on Facebook.   If you comment, only positive please…..not interested in negative feedback.   This isn’t about ego, flower Godliness, or any of that other crap.  It’s about sharing so we all can have a better ride that is profitable with Yelp reviews through the roof.

20150416_141658If it’s a go, I’ll get my backdrop together, purchase a quality camera, and get to work.  If not, no worries……I’ll still share in some way.  Oh, and this won’t be a theatrical gig, just me doing my thing the way I do it.  Might say “oh crap” or something else once in a while.  If I love the song that’s on, I may dance while I design.  It’s all about being who I am for your value.  Think Gary Vaynerchuk on valium…..authentic is the descriptive word I’d use.  This is for you, not the industry as a whole, not to make a name for myself.  But for honest, unbiased information that gives us the freedom to create while making some good dinero.   Then we go home tired as hell, with a smile from ear to ear.  That, my friends, is what it’s all about.





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