Let’s Cluster Some Flowers!


Clustering (grouping tight and low) flowers and greens in an arrangement gives such a lush, focused appearance with visual interest spreading through the design. This flower design has a great mixture of texture and depth, using some things from my yard: succulents, heavenly bamboo, flax, variegated pittisporum and melaleuca bark (that I gathered from trees in my area).  The beautiful flowers were all purchased at Trader Joe’s: orange calla lily, roses, sun flowers, gladiolus (I used the blooms or “florets” for the punch of color).  Here’s the lowdown on my design approach:

1. The rectangular basket was purchased from Michael’s Crafts with a 40% off coupon….love a deal!

2. Because the basket came without a liner, I used a plastic container left over from pre made salads that I eat when I’m busy….I’m a recycling nut and really get a thrill out of reusing things.  These liners need to be washed well so there’s no food debris traveling around with your flower arrangement.  Saving these have been an incredible blessing so many times.

3.  This arrangement definitely needs fresh flower floral foam to create the look.  One block happened to fit snuggly into the basket.

4. I added the melaleuca bark around the edge of the basket first, using a glue gun.  Just tear off small pieces to fit around the lip of the basket…..great organic look with much more interest.  You can use whatever material you have;  make sure the product you use is well secured before proceeding with the rest of the arrangement.20150530_111613

5.  Then I began clustering the different foliage and flowers here and there, making sure to fully insert the stems well into the foam for complete water absorption.   I love swirling foliage around and through designs….it gives the arrangement such a great look.  I attached wired wood picks to both ends of the swirled flax to make sure they stay in place.  It’s always better to be safe about mechanics, especially if you’ll be delivering your arrangements.  Using pan glue I inserted the flax into the head of the sunflower……just to add that much more visual interest to the arrangement. 20150530_111430

7.  Gluing the succulents and moss around the edge are the finishing touches for this design.

Play with your product you have on hand to see how your arrangement can have the look and feel of this one.  And remember to have fun and don’t get frustrated!  Now go create with wonder……

20150530_111430 (4)20150530_111626







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