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I’ve been in this incredible industry for over 45 years,  starting my experience as a delivery boy at the flower shop I purchased in 1980.  After Community College,  I became a laborer at Sandyland Nursery, Carpinteria, Ca. This nursery was one of the first to grow plants for the large chains, specifically chrysanthemum plants as well as tropical plants.  I worked my way to become the assistant grower of the nursery learning invaluable growing techniques that I still use today.  Coming back full circle to my floral roots, I purchased Camfeldt’s Flowers which I owned for 32 years.  I currently create for my floral and décor business, JP Designs.

 One of my proudest career accomplishments is induction into The American Institute of Floral Design (AIFD) which has exposed me to incredible floral art and designers across the globe.  That same year I placed in the California State Floral Association’s (CSFA) “Top Ten” designer competition that is still held today.  After that competition, I was asked to be on their design team, traveling to different parts of California creating designs for various growers and supply wholesalers. Being involved with AIFD,  I’ve become friends with talented designers around the world who I’ve gotten to know and respect. I’m currently on the national marketing team for AIFD which allows me to share artful floral designs from the association’s members across various social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.  With writing as another passion of mine, I’ve written for many floral blogs and publications, including Florist Review Magazine, Florist 2.0 Community, Pioneer Wholesale Co., AIFD’s “Floral Food For Thought”.

Helping out with non profits is a continued goal of mine.  Volunteering for the San Diego Botanical Garden Gala and helping my friend international designer Rene’ Van Rems with his group of dedicated volunteers was a fun and beautiful experience.  Adding more beauty to the already fabulous gardens was a show stopper that raised over 2 million dollars!

Recently my friends at Global Petals voted me one of “11 Influential Florists You Should Know” and I can’t tell you how honored and surprised I was!  Making a difference in lives with flowers and décor truly is my inspiration.  Helping you on your journey to a brighter future is what it’s all about.  My yearning to share and teach has brought me to this DIY Floral and Décor site destination where I will continue to make YOU my priority.  Let’s create with wonder and make this world a much more beautiful place!


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