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Being passionate about the floral and décor world is something I know we have in common.  I get so excited when I have a design idea, go and gather the product, then have the final design be something I never dreamed I could create.  This excitement is what I want to share with you, the hope of creating something of your own while making a difference in the world.  That’s why I started my site Joe Guggia: Floral Sharing to talk about my design experiences on a road that has sometimes been a bit bumpy yet totally rewarding.   I’ve been through the financial ups and downs like much of the world, but what I’ve learned is to keep working to brand myself in ways that are financially and personally rewarding.  My goal is to help in any way possible with designs and business tips that will enhance your skills in the design world without relying on wire service entities that are costly and unnecessary for your financial success.  I’ll show you how buying product and supplies locally can be a solid way to go, as well as gathering greens, branches, succulents that are around you to be more creative while giving superb value to your beloved flower buyers.  My vote is for you to have as much independence in the business world as possible for your financial success.   Fresh Design, birds, angled cut in half bambbo (2)

It truly is an amazing experience to touch people’s lives every day with flowers.  Just seeing their smile warms my heart and I know I’ve made a difference.  My dream has been to share information in a location that is safe for you to visit, a place where you know the information is backed by years of experience.    This site is a place where you can safely ask questions that I am happy to answer so your journey can become profitable while satisfying the artist in you.

I’ll be covering an array of topics, including: fresh flower creations, plant designs, permanent arrangements, sympathy florals, décor staging, accessorizing  and anything else to do with the design industry.

Wedding ARCH (2)Whether its plant materials, tools, flowers, containers, floral foam, supplies or whatever you need for your project, I’ll tell you where to buy economically in your area,  on-line,  and from your wholesaler. If you want to start your own business, I’m here to guide you through the challenges, whether it be a studio business or a retail store.  Having been a grower, I also love the plant world and I will be showing you what foliage or flowers to grow in your area that you can go out and harvest for your arrangements.  This is my passion and sharing with you is a dream I’ve had for many years.  Enjoy the journey and let me teach you how to  start creating beauty for your world!  Below is my philosophy that guides me to teach you with that passion:

Educate, motivate, create…..these three words are the core of my design philosophy.  A philosophy I deeply  want to share with you and your world to make your floral journey exciting, informative, with a lifetime of sharing beauty.

Educate:  my primary goal is to teach you design information that I’ve learned over my 45 + year career in the floral industry.  Things that I’ve stumbled upon, researched, viewed. Hard and true design skills that will elevate your knowledge, allowing you to see all that our world has to offer for your floral journey.   Along with this education I’ll be sharing how nature has such bounty for us to view and use for our designs.


Motivate:   Being motivated and excited is so important to your creative journey.   I’m here to help you stay focused on your goals. It might be scary at times, but I firmly believe you must keep going with more education and “hands” on experience.  Any questions, don’t hesitate to ask, no matter how simple the question might seem.  That one answer will get your brain thinking while coming up with more answers yourself.  With my years of experience I’ll keep you informed and comfortable with your floral decisions and goals.

Create:   The “artful” aspect of flower and décor designing is the most exciting part of this journey  We all want to be creative, to be known as an “artist” by our friends and peers.  Creativity can be a natural trait but also can be cultivated as time goes on.   It might be the way your brain has looked at things, viewing a tree as an object rather than sculpture for ideas.   Opening our minds to view things differently is a way to begin this process.  You don’t have to be super creative to be a designer.  That’s where I come in to teach you  so you can design things that will amaze while satisfying the inner artist in you.

Information awaits, so let’s start our design journey together.  Then we can all “educate, motivate, and create!”  Click on this link to start reading my FLORAL POSTS

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