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A Trio of Faux Gerbera

These little faux gems are fun and quick to make.   They can be used clustered together on a dining or kitchen table;  separately on an end or bedside table, or anywhere you need just a splash of color.   Here’s the back round on these designs:

  1.  The containers are from our friend, The 99 Cent Store.  This place always has 4″ 100 (3)ceramic containers of all styles, usually in seasonal colors.  These happen to have the red edge to pick up the gerbera color…..that kind of thing excites my brain!
  2. The silk gerbera are from Michael’s, half off the day I went…..so they were 50 cents apiece!
  3. Cut the dry foam to fit snugly in the container, raising it about 1/2″ above the edge.
  4. Cut the gerbera head off the stem with your trusty wire cutters, leaving  a few inches so you can push the stem into the foam.  Now you have the stems to loop around the gerbera…..cool look, and no waste!
  5. Measure how much of the stems you’d like to add to the design and use a bit of glue on the ends, pushing them into the foam.  Time to add some reindeer and Spanish moss to hide the foam while giving the designs some added texture.  Using the glue gun for this is easiest, although I’ve used my pan glue as well.   If you’ll notice on the image of the 3 arrangements (using various green and gray hues) I’ve placed the reindeer moss in different parts of the design so each one is a bit different, yet works together to complete the scene.

Take this design and change it up with sunflowers or any larger flower you’d like.   Succulents are perfect for this look!   How about gluing blue stones instead of moss around the flower you choose?  or bark?  How about a poinsettia bloom nestled  with a log for the holidays?  The possibilities are endless…..now go create and keep me posted on your progress!