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Terrarium Art

Terrium full 2

With a throwback to the awesome 70’s (I embrace that decade with a whole lotta soul) terrariums again reveal themselves as wonderful plant designs.  These units combine modern essence with charm that add those creative touches we love in our décor schemes.  Terrariums are so easy  to create with very low cost while being great gifts for you or your client base to share. Continue reading Terrarium Art

Be Green and Create

20150627_124216-1 (3)Artful plant designs are right up there with creative fresh flower arrangements; don’t think of them as “dish gardens” or “potted plants” but as Garden Designs that lift someone’s spirit for years to come.   I’m such a fan of this Eco Décor that I hope I can get your plant mojo revved up! Continue reading Be Green and Create

The Green Machine

Everyday I’m amazed at the beauty and wonder of the plant world.  From outdoors to inside our homes, they provide us with clean air and a calming environment. Plants have been a passion of mine ever since I was a young boy.  My first  job was at 11 years old  taking care of our neighbors yard as well as taking care of our own yard. My love of plants has multiplied from that time on.   Being an assistant grower at a wholesale growing nursery in the mid 70’s, SandyLand Nursery,  I learned so much about plants in general:  how to propagate them, grow, replant into larger containers, trim, stake and support, about anything you can imagine.  And that information I’m happy to pass on so you can create and grow plants for your environment.

I never want to read or hear these words from you: “I kill everything….I don’t have a green thumb”!   With a little guidance and plant education, all your doubts will be cast aside.  With the right soil, light, watering, fertilizer anyone can grow beautiful plants.   So we’ll explore this design avenue with explanations that will be easy to understand so you can let go of any “plant” fear you might have.  Blog Plants 6

 If you’re a pro at this, then hopefully I can share some design insight to construct valuable plant combinations that will give you or your clients much more beautiful specimens to enjoy.  And if not, no worries.  This is where I teach and share so you can get those hands dirty and play for fun AND profit!

I’ll reveal a variety of plant information for you to learn, where to buy plants on the cheap, the best soil brands to purchase,  how to plant properly for the planting to be eye pleasing, decorative additions like bamboo and rocks to add so your designs can be styled to your liking or for the proper décor.

Whether they are patio, interior or garden plantings, we’ll share lots of ideas so you can create your world into a beautiful plant paradise to enjoy for years to come……blog plants 8Blog Plants

Blog Plants 3